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Students of School Age

Students of school age (up to 18 years) must be registered with a main educational provider before attending Centurion.

Students will be sent to our provision through their main educational provider, we are unable to be a students main source of education.

We can accommodate students up to 3 days per week, are usual day sessions run from 9:30am until 2pm, however if a more 1-2-1 basis is required on a shorter session time we can offer our afternoon slots which run 2pm - 4pm.

Boots and overalls can be provided or they can be supplied by students or schools themselves, we do have lockers available for kit storage.

Boots and overalls must be worn at all times when in the workshop.

Phones are also not permitted in the workshop and must be handed in, these will be returned for lunch only.

The usual day routine runs - 

9:30am - Students Arrive and Day Starts

11:00am - Break 

11:15am - Lessons Start

12:30 - Lunch

1:15 - Lessons Start 

2:00 - End of Day 

Many of our students transport is by taxi, each morning from 9am until 10am we open the main courtyard gates for taxis to pull in safely from the road and drop students off, at 10am the gate is locked and any arrivals after this must report to reception and ring the bell. 

At 2pm we again open the gates and guide the taxis into the courtyard to collect students, this is supervised by members of staff. 

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