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Our Provision

Centurion Training Solutions is a dedicated vocational training company based in Northampton delivering, IMI and AQA courses at entry level, level 1, level 2 and level 3.

Established in 2003 Centurion has developed a portfolio of courses designed to enhance the education experience of students by offering vocational based training. We offer training to both main stream school pupils and to students with special educational needs, physical, emotional or behavioural issues. We have a wide range of courses designed to meet a variety of needs and abilities.

We also offer a range of adult learning courses through ourselves and also through Northamptonshire council adult learning scheme.

In October we moved into our new 7000 square foot vocational training centre in Rothersthorpe Industrial Estate. The centre houses a 3 bay automotive workshop with 2 car lifting ramps, a tyre changing, balancing and wheel alignment bay, a motorcycle bay and a practical training bay consisting of engines on stands, front and rear axle rigs, brake rig, electrical rigs, gearbox rigs and ignition rigs.

The diagnostic bay includes engine and exhaust analysing, headlight alignment, Oscilloscope and Multimeter testing and battery discharge testing.  

A basic engineering and fabrication area enables the student to learn woodwork, metalwork and basic electrical fabrication skills and more recently a equipped construction area, enabling brick laying, and basic construction skills.

The centre also has 3 classrooms where the theory elements of the course are delivered along with reference and design work being completed via books, drawings and online data.

Carpenter at Work

Vision & Values

  • Be Kind

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Work Hard

  • Have Fun

Head of Centre's Message

" We want to help young people gain vocational skills that can be used throughout their own careers and lives, to help them succeed and thrive going forward.


We understand that all students learn differently, and that practical based learning can be a great advantage in learning and with over 20 years of experience teaching we believe we have gained a good understanding of all abilities and needs"

Brick Wall


Val Rogers.jpg


Deputy DSL

Val Rogers

Kieran Rogers.jpg

Head of Centre

Financial Director 

Deputy DSL

Kieran Rogers

Paul Mabbutt.jpg

Senior Instructor

Paul Mabbutt

Nicholas Potterton.jpg

Internal Quality Assurance

Nicholas Potterton

David Cave.jpg

Instructor Support

David Cave

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John Staves

Charlotte Rogers.jpg

Office Manager 


Charlotte Rogers

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